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Medical Systems Biology

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1. Installation

The software requires the Java runtime environment >=1.5.0 (JRE 5.0) which can be downloaded from oracle.

  1. Install JRE 5.0 (1.5.0) or higher if it is not available on your system.
  2. Download the current VennMaster version and unpack the file into a directory.
  3. Start VennMaster by
    • Windows: Double click on venn.bat in the installation directory.
    • Unix/Linux/MacOS X: Call from the command line (ensure that your java executable is in the search path) in the installation directory.
    Hint: It is not recommended to call VennMaster by a direct click on the venn.jar file since the standard memory assignment is too low for the most Euler arrangements.

VennMaster is packed into a single zip archive which must be unzipped into the desired directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\" or your home directory). Call in the VennMaster directory from the command line (Linux or Mac OS X) or double click venn.bat under Microsoft Windows in the file explorer.
When using many categories VennMaster may report an out of memory error. In these cases reduce the number of categories by specifying other import filter settings or open (Linux or Mac OS X) or venn.bat (Windows) with a text editor (e.g. vi or notepad) and change the memory size by editing the two -X options of the java call. The -X options specify the memory size (in MB) assigned to the software. These can be adapted depending on the available memory and the problem size (number of categories/elements). The standard settings are usually too small for the most problems (2MB for Sun Java 1.5 on linux and 1MBon win).

Download (Version 0.37.5)

Version history (Version 0.37.5) (Version 0.37.4) (Version 0.37.3) (Source code version 0.37.3) (Version 0.37.2) (Source code version 0.37.2) (Version 0.37.0) (Sour ce code version 0.37.0) (Version 0.36.0) (Source code version 0.36.0) (Version 0.35.0) (Source code version 0.35.0)


VennMaster sources are maintained at GitHub. Visit the groups development page at


VennMaster and the VennMaster source code are licensed under a

Creative Commons License 
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.


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