Medical Systems Biology

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Einführung in die medizinische Informatik

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Tibor Kesztyüs








Informationssysteme im Gesundheitswesen, Interoperabilität u. Kommunikationsstandards, Medizinische Dokumentation, Terminologien und Klassifikationen, Bildverarbeitung, Datenschutz in der Medizin, Systeme in der klinischen Forschung/klinische Studien, Auswertung von Daten aus Informationssystemen, Telemedizin und Consumer Healthinformatics


Anmeldung über Corona


 20.12.2019, 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr in O29 / LGM - 2003

 21.12.2019, 9:00 - 16:00 Uhr in O29 / LGM - 2003




Latest News


Our paper "Interaction Empowerment in Mobile Health: Concepts, Challenges, and Perspectives" has been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research mhealth and uhealth.


Our paper "Identification of dynamic driver sets controlling phenotypical landscapes" has been published in the Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal.

Congratulations to Dr. Silke Werle for winning the 1st Prize with her pitch at the 1. Science Day held by ProTrainU. 


Our paper "Reconstructing Boolean network ensembles from single-cell data for unraveling dynamics in the aging of human hematopoietic stem cells" has been published in the Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal.


The position paper "Is there a role for statistics in artificial intelligence" has been published online first in Advances in Data Analysis and Classification.


Our paper "Multi-Modal Pain Intensity Assessment Based on Physiological Signals: A Deep Learning Perspective" has been published in Frontiers in Physiology.


Our paper "Corona Health - A Study- and Sensor-Based Mobile App Platform Exploring Aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic" has been published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.


Our paper "Patient empowerment during the COVID-19 pandemic: Ensuring safe and fast communication of test results" has been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.


Our paper "Perspective on mHealth Concepts to Ensure Users’ Empowerment–From Adverse Event Tracking for COVID-19 Vaccinations to Oncological Treatment" has been published in IEEE Access.