Medical Systems Biology

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The rapid development of molecular biology has given rise to an increasing demand in computational and mathematical approaches to analyze and understand the resulting data. In particular, advanced methods from Bioinformatics are required to extract and investigate the essential information from high-throughput experiments, such as microarrays or Next Generation Sequencing. The emerging field of Systems Biology provides formal approaches to modeling and simulating regulatory processes in biological systems.

Research fields

Cluster analysis Molecular networks Classification Visualization & Functional annotation

The research of our group is at the interface of computer science, statistics and life sciences and covers the following main aspects:

Latest News

Our paper "Rank-based classifiers for extremely high-dimensional gene expression data" has been accepted for publishing in the journal Advances in Data Analysis and Classification.

Our paper "ViSiBooL - visualization and simulation of Boolean networks with temporal constraints" has been accepted for publishing in the journal Bioinformatics.


Lea Siegle's and Julian Schwab's modeling project will be funded by a Karl-Steinbuch-Stipendium. Congratulations!