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An R package for multi-objective parameter selection for classifiers: TunePareto R package


McKmeans: A highly efficient multi-core k-means algorithm for clustering extremely large datasets.


An R package that analyzes cluster alternatives based on multi-objective optimization of cluster validation indices: MOCCA R package


An R package for the generation, reconstruction, simulation and analysis of Boolean networks: BoolNet R package

HCMV drug resistance mutations

A new tool linking human cytomegalovirus drug resistance mutations to resistance phenotypes: HCMV drug resistance mutations


An open-source Java program for visualizing genomic abnormalities: IdeogramBrowser Software


An open-source Java program for drawing area proportional Venn/Euler diagrams: VennMaster Software


A Microsoft Excel add-in that visualizes gene expression ratios. The software is freely available upon request.

MCGH Analyzer

Software to analyze array CGH data with direct GPR import (Microsoft Excel add-in, Windows): MCGH Analyzer Software.


Perl program to create receiver operator charateristic (ROC) curves:


A document-centered environment for simulation and visualization of algorithms: Vital


Structural RNA alignment by multi-objective optimization: RNA-Pareto


Visualization of Ant Colony Optimization (contributed by Michael Grönert): Swarm


Swat is a java commandline software based on dynamic programming to calculate optimal local alignments of DNA/ RNA sequences and protein sequences.

RNASeq Count Analyzer

Differential expression analysis for sequence count data: RNASeq Count Analyzer


Clojure Framework for parallelization: Sputnik


TraqBio is a intuitively useable and a readily implementable open-source web application for progress tracking in core units. Its main intention is the communication of projects status between a core unit and its users: Source and Documentation

Latest News

Our paper "Inflammatory response of mesenchymal stromal cells after in vivo exposure with selected trauma-related factors and polytrauma serum" has been published in PLoS One.

Our paper "3D Network exploration and visualisation for lifespan data" has been published in BMC Bioinformatics.